How to Transform a Website to Mobile Website

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Have you checked your site lately? Is it responsive?

That means, does it respond and reformat to suit the device the website is being viewed on.

If you are after a site that responds to most devices such as iphone, android, ipad, tablet, nexus, etc then you can download and install these themes and see how easy it is to reformat your site to make a more user friendly site for your mobile visitors.

Below is a list of theme options you may like to checkout if you are using WordPress and you are not too technical but like to play with the look and feel a little:

  • I use BlogoLife for this blog
  • The WPLook Team themes are gorgeous, responsive themes and there are heaps to choose from for all business types
  • Elegant Themes are really special, a little bit more expensive but worth it if you want the wow factor
  • Responsive by CyberChimps are not my favourite but I think they are easy enough to work with
  • Catch Box by Catch Themes Team have a dozen responsive designs including a coupon theme (deal site style)
  • Use BizWay Responsive WordPress Theme to create a really easy business website
  • Mobile themes by Mojo are all pretty cool, great range and you will have a lot of fun trying to choose
  • Panda Themes I haven’t used any of their themes yet but I like the designs

NOTE: Be careful with free themes and templates, some have footer code and restrictions including information you can’t get rid of without some help or restrictive formatting.

As you may know, you can also use WordPress plugins for creating a mobile friendly website. These are the ones I use, have used, and recommend. There are heaps to try, give them a go, one by and test them to see which suites your theme best.

  • WPTouch
  • JetPack
  • MobilePress
  • WP Mobile Detector
  • Mobile by iThemes

Some experts are advising we do not need to have a separate mobile site. That is way it started out but that is shifting now with WordPress making it so easy to mobilise your site, you don’t need a subdomain or another site .mobi to make it work.

Transform your website to a mobile website and/or mobile app now and see how easy it is or if you want an app get in touch because I know some fabulous people that can create a business app for you from $500-$2000. Email us today –

Mojo themes