Top 20 Social Media Marketing Tips To Sell A Home

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Recently, a smart, savvy man named Kurt, a social media expert, decided he was going to sell his house. Not really knowing that it was going to go way above reserve, but using youtube, twitter and other media to connect with people that may just be in his target market. It was a brilliant strategy, and probably took a lot of time and a bit of investment on his part, but it certainly paid off with an extra $135,000 over the reserve price, what a great result.

If you are trying to sell a property or car using a social media marketing strategy, here are 20 tips on how to get started:

  1. create a name that will suit all social media accounts (ie. brisbane4brhouse) maximum 20 characters
  2. check if the name is available as a domain first, if it is check other media is also available
  3. register your domain name fast when you find a fit
  4. create a WordPress blog and a theme that suits your property
  5. setup a YouTube account (channel) that shows video footage (for a prestigue property pay someone to make it look really professional, other amature is good as long as your lighting is right)
  6. setup a Facebook account (if you already have one use it instead if you feel comfortable with that)
  7. setup a Twitter account for tweets about features, open times, location benefits, and more
  8. setup a Google plus account for top quality links to your posts and agent’s site
  9. setup a Picasa account for top quality photos
  10. the blog is used to advertise features of the home, create posts, and compare other properties in the area
  11. always provide a link to the page where your agent is advertising the property details
  12. use descriptions to put in extra contact relevant to the property – such as 4 bedroom house for sale [location] and link to your blog
  13. setup social media integration into the blog for automatic feeds into all social media accounts to share your posts
  14. create a video of the property (either photos blended or an actual video) maximum 10 minutes long, or several to highlight different features in the home
  15. link that video channel to your facebook and twitter account, and other social media where possible
  16. find followers, groups, and friends
  17. send out regular tweets
  18. update facebook with status updates
  19. submit all your sites to search engines
  20. ask your friends and family to share the links with their friends and family

There you have it, top 20 social media marketing tips for selling your home.

Another word of advice: SEO is extremely important. If your potential buyer is looking for a 4br house in Brisbane, they will come across all the big real estate sites, so you need to stand out, use keywords that people are searching for in your account names, descriptions, titles, and blog posts.

Just a quick suggestion: If you are doing all this yourself you might want to negotiate with your agent; as you are doing a lot of the work to get extra attention, he/she should reduce the commission. After all you are effectively doing what they are being paid to do, right!

Business idea

This strategy is great if you are thinking of starting a business. It can be used as a good business idea to get up and running. If you would like to setup your business using this concept and need advise please contact me. If you would like help setting this social media strategy up to sell your own property I can help you with that as well. With a small startup investment for the package above and $500 each month until the property is sold.

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Hi my name is Andrew Hall, I work in the real estate industry, in that I own a small business mainly concerned with rentals short term holiday rentals and long term permanent rentals
I have an affiliation with a leading real estate agency.
I remember listening to the report on Kurt Opray and thinking that firstly when I come to sell my current home I would like to give social media marketing a try and at the time I also spoke with the director of the office where my business is located about the opportunity for the sales team, and then we all got busy and we are about to open a new office and nothing happened

then I decided to sell my own home as I have bought elsewhere so
I have just had my home photographed and the sales team has been out to appraise the property, I was ready to commence the marketing plan
then I found your blog and i thought it might be a good exercise for me to expose my house to your social media plan

not too sure where you like to start or the process but i hope this email finds you well and I await your response

thanks in advance

Andrew Hall
Sorrento Portsea Getaways

A.3741 Point Nepean Road Portsea 3944