SEO Tips You Should Know

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Looking for seo tips?

I have a bit of experience with SEO and I can tell you that a LOT of the information you read from so called ‘gurus’ doesn’t guarantee top placement.

I have setup sites and within days they were on the first page of Google without most of the seo tricks. It is actually quite simple for anyone to do (I did it) and now with Google Maps, if you want to find local business you are even more likely to get top billing.

I didn’t use a template or any fancy features, in fact the site I am talking about right now was a static website with no automatic content, nonetheless, was on top for my preferred keywords and received 90% customer referrals thanks to Google.

In saying that, quite a lot has changed over the past 12 months. My sites that used to be on page 1 and 2 have disappeared from search results altogether. I think pushing your site is the priority these days. If you have time to write numerous articles, track your advertising, and get really involved in social media you may get lucky. Though some of my sites still rank high, it is surprising the sites with the most content do not. Go figure.  I have been using blogs and I found the results differ depending on the type of blog. One of my blogs targets ‘cafe marketing’ & ‘coffee shop marketing’. This works well (1st and 2nd pages of Google) because the blog is simple, not cluttered with too much content, and it was really only setup to showcase my ebook on cafe marketing.

Finding an SEO service

When doing your research for SEO companies, be very careful. Proof is in the search not what they tell you. If someone tells you, yeah I know how to get on the 1st page of Google, just search for xyz company and see for yourself. They do not know what they are doing. Of course if you type in the name of a company the page results will include the business name, but what about the keywords for that business, if you search for them does the site come up. Isn’t it a huge assumption that people searching for your products or services will actually know the name of your business. You can use a directory for that!

A SEO service needs to be able to demonstrate proof by giving you links to profile sites and the top 3 keywords used to list the site (some companies may not do this because they are scared you will learn their tricks). Then, do a search on those keywords and see for yourself 🙂 if the keywords bring up that business, bingo you are one step closer.

Now look at the site and check if the keywords you searched on are relevant to the site and if you would use those keywords to find that service.

In other words, are the keywords going to bring them traffic? Because that is what it is all about after all.

For one of my sites (which was the owner closed the business because we were in a massive drought with extreme water restrictions and the business suffered so it was closed and the owner moved to pool maintenance instead (as an employee). Sorry, digressing 🙁 What I was going to say is that ‘pondtec’ was listed under the main keyword phrase of ‘pond construction’ and ‘pond construction Brisbane’. These were popular key phrases, with 90% of Google traffic coming in with those keywords. Perfect match!

I just wanted to share this article I came across this morning on a site I believe offers great value and quality information. If you are in the early stages of setting up your business website then you need to read this article, I totally agree with everything the author suggests so not much point me writing it myself –

Contact me if you would like some seo tips or education for your business.

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Samara Waples

Thanks for sharing your great views and outlook on SEO topics. SEO is a topic that we could be talking about for the rest of our lifes and never see the end of it, there are so many techniques to master in order to be able to send massive amount of traffic to a website but a great asset to acquire.

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In the early stages Social networking might appear to be its time consuming process but when the ball is rolling even more followers are joining your Facebook page (or fan page) and twitter profile it’s easy street.

seo tips

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