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Online Marketing For Your Business – A Dummy’s Guide on SEO


Who else wants to know how to get on 1st page of Google … and how to SEO your website?

1 hour beginner seo seminar for smart business owners. Discover ‘what to do to rank your website’ information seminar from an internet marketer

Are you at this page because you were looking for a SEO search marketing course in Brisbane?

I am running a SEO information seminar in Brisbane. Followed by a ‘how to’ course for interested attendees. This is not a hard sell seminar, I will be providing you with concrete information you can take away and implement immediately to start getting better results for your business.  To gauge your level of interest in attending the seminar please complete the form below (no obligation).

This is not an online seo course, it is a seminar that points out real life business websites and areas of improvement, my intent is to show you what you need to know to gain credibility and sales using search engine ranking strategies. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

The seminar will include:

  • what is SEO and how it benefits your business
  • how social media and internet marketing blend with SEO strategies
  • what you need to do to choose keywords suitable for your business
  • what you need to do to find keywords people are searching for on your products or services
  • where to use those keywords to market your business
  • what the structure your website should include

if you attend the seminar, you will also receive some freebie business ebooks to help you grow your business further. Tickets available through stickytickets.

This seminar will get you started and the follow up course, should you be interested, could see your business listed on the Google first page within days of setting up, restructuring, optimising, and uploading your website using SEO strategies. Are you excited about that?

Who should attend

This course is for smart business owners that are interested in achieving huge levels of success. Faster results can be achieved if you have an existing website, however, I have achieved great results just as fast when starting a new site. It is preferable if you already have a website and have access to make changes, however, if you haven’t created your site you will also benefit. Although this course is suitable for beginners, experience will make it easier for you to obsorb and help you understand any minor technical references. Bloggers welcome.

I am an experienced technical writer and trainer and guarantee to offer you easy to understand information that won’t go over your head.


Attend my 1hr information seminar,
on ‘what to do’ with SEO optimisation for your business
& you will receive some great free gifts.

Complete the form below.
Advise where & when you would be interested in attending and
any specific questions you may have about seo.


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