Changes to ISO 9001 Standard for 2015

fasterprofitsThis is not my presentation but I wanted to share it with you as it clearly identifies what are the changes to ISO 9001 Standard for 2015. Some of the changes are going to make it easier for a Quality Manager to manage their system, but I am guessing there are a lot of businesses that will require significant changes to their quality systems, hopefully for the better.

From my point of view, it is good to know I was doing a lot of these (changes) things in my systems before Continue reading Changes to ISO 9001 Standard for 2015

Business Brilliance Mastermind Group


Share your business brilliance with other like minded business owners at your level to achieve outstanding results in your profits and performance or just listen and learn from the best.

Together we can:

  • develop win-win partnerships
  • build relationships
  • help each other grow, raise revenue, and significantly increase profits
  • share ideas and have fun doing it
  • educate and learn from each other
  • build on what works and discuss what doesn’t
  • introduce new proven strategies
  • achieve a set of business and/or personal goals
  • become brilliant business owners/managers
  • support the community.

Apply today and join a team of business brilliant owners (20 minute survey) Continue reading Business Brilliance Mastermind Group

My Top Free & Cheap Marketing Tools For Small Business

These free & cheap marketing tools for small business will save you money and time

Below is my favourite list of free marketing tools you can use for online sales and marketing.

  1. Email marketing is a brilliant strategy to keeping in touch with your customers and keeping them informed. Some of my favourite email marketing programs are mailchimp, and Aweber:
    1. Click here to watch how to create an email newsletters and autoresponders for your email marketing strategy using Aweber (from $19 per month – great features)
    2. Sign up for a free Mailchimp account to watch how to create an email newsletter and autoresponder with Mailchimp (start off for free but does not include autoresponder – $10 for up to 500 subscribers)

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Top 10 Marketing Strategies That Increase Sales

Looking for local marketing strategies that increase sales?

Below is SlideShare presentation I created – Top 10 Tips for Increasing Local Sales to test the rankings for keywords. I came across SlideShare while searching for very competitive keywords and there are people on SlideShare with hundreds of thousands of views. So for a short list of marketing strategies that increase sales watch the video below and leave your comments to let me know if you have had any success with SlideShare. Read on to see the results of views and the exciting position I got on the first page of Google search.

What is Your Customer Relationship Management Strategy?

Do you have a customer relationship management strategy?

customer relationship managementAre you getting valuable feedback from your customers to help you improve your service & increase sales? Did you know a customer’s negative experience can often be directly contributed to an employee?

If your employee is not happy in their environment; feels undervalued; feels they are underpaid; feels they are not listened to; does not feel appreciated… then they could easily (intentionally or not) severely impact the Continue reading What is Your Customer Relationship Management Strategy?

What Are You Doing Wrong As A Manager?

Management strategies

What are you doing wrong as a Manager? Have you looked at your management strategies to see if your staff are happy with the way you are doing things? Are you open to constructive feedback and making changes or are you a manager that is too busy for mentoring, too busy for training, too busy to talk to your colleagues, too busy to have an open door policy, and so on? All those things can cause unrest and dissatisfaction in your team.

managerIf you want your team to be happy, achieve the level required to meet your expectations, and work well together… Continue reading What Are You Doing Wrong As A Manager?

Top 10 Tips for Increasing Local Sales

Looking for local marketing strategies to increase local sales




Watch the SlideShare presentation below:

Update 21 September 2013 – It is now less than 24 hours since I loaded my SlideShare presentation. I have 100 views and listed on Google for ‘increasing local sales’. Maybe not the most fantastic keywords to choose, but this so far has been the most effective method for reaching people. I am liking it. So today I am modifying the keywords to see how better quality keywords affect placement and views. I will keep you informed. Next week I am trying a new experiment with high traffic keywords, stay tuned!

20 September – I setup Continue reading Top 10 Tips for Increasing Local Sales

Outsourcing Rules Before You Start!

You need to have some rules in place, here’s why…

outsourcing rulesAs you know, last week I wrote about starting my virtual team. Well what you don’t know is that I have also started as a virtual copywriter for a very well known public figure. This is very exciting for me, but it also raised some issues I hadn’t considered when hiring my team of VAs. It was about rules of engagement. Outsourcing rules that I could provide as guidelines Continue reading Outsourcing Rules Before You Start!