How ‘Pay For Results’ Works

Once we setup your campaign lead funnel for you, our ‘pay per click’ campaigns are charged to you only when a warm lead is generated. This means you must have received an optin or subscriber. It could be a potential customer has provided their email or phone number to…

  • receive a giveaway service
  • meet with you
  • ask you to contact them
  • receive a freebie
  • download your ebook
  • sign up to a course
  • register for a seminar or webinar
  • sign up to membership program
  • and so on.

payperleadA lead is determined and approved by you prior to commencing any advertising campaign.

Setup fees are additional and charged on an hourly basis upfront as quoted. Setup costs depend on the maturity of your sales process and the lead generation tools you already have in place. Prices start at $500 and you will receive a quote upfront so you can prepare. The image here shows you the process we need to go through to ensure your campaign is setup and monitored correctly.

How much does it cost to advertise?

Your advertising budget is additional to any of the setup fees. It is determined by you and is set as a maximum. Advertising costs are charged at cost. Advertisers pay per lead or per sale depending on product type, existing sales funnel, product price, advertising copy, and more. We guarantee the quality of our work but because of all the variables involved we cannot guarantee the results.This is why we offer you our ‘pay only for results’ on your campaign. So you don’t feel duped and you know we aren’t wasting your money. It is in our best interest and yours to get results for your campaigns.

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