Outsourcing Benefits – Build your team!

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I have hired myself a team

outsourcing benefits teamworkI took the plunge and officially decided to hire myself a team of ningas to help me with my multitude of tasks. I just don’t feel that my internet empire is growing fast enough because of the time it takes to do everything. Sick of doing everything myself and trying to work out how to do things. I have wasted so much time because I wanted to know how to do it, when I could have paid someone to do it for me.

I have been involved in internet marketing since 2003 when I created my first website and entered the Yellow Pages competition to win a boost to start my product. I came so close, but you know what prevented me from winning? It was another business had a similar idea, but they had their prototype already working.  I didn’t think it was that flash but it was all they needed to develop their idea further and showcase the concept.

I often wonder if I had known how easy it was to outsource and get the same quality of work if I would have done it sooner. I am guessing, absolutely.

Anyway, time has passed now and I have had numerous ideas for products which are all still sitting in my cabinet at home, waiting for them to be created ‘one day’. Well the day has come and I have made a bold move to trust in others to do the tasks I assign to them with integrity and pride.

I am very excited to see what changes happen over the coming months.

Outsourcing benefits

I have a team of people doing WordPress updates, marketing, programming, finding affiliate products, researching, recommending improvements and products for efficiency, creating apps and so much more. You can start with a part-time person; then when you get more and more ideas for tasks they can do, you can ask them to work more hours or find an another person to join your team.

I think this is so exciting.

Now before you get all high and mighty and complain about outsourcing to another country, let me just say that the sites I am creating and the products I am developing are solely to help small business in Australia. So yes I am outsourcing and taking the work offshore but at least I am getting the work done and the cost is not stopping that from moving forward. If I waited until I could afford to get all this work done in Australia I wouldn’t get too much done in the next few years. Doing it this way allows me opportunities to provide small business owners with so many more cost effective options with their marketing using my systems that are currently being designed. This is what excites me, what I can share with the community and who I can help in the next 6 months is my top priority (and the lifestyle of course).

If you want to know more about the outsourcing membership program I am privy to, click here and get started right away. Seriously, for $200 – $500 a month you can hire a brilliant, capable, qualified, experienced, and English speaking professionals with integrity and values.

Don’t forget to write to me and tell me what changes you have made to your business as a result of using outsourcing teams.


PS. Here is a link to a FREE webinar I attended. I was introduced by trusted mentors and decided, no more wasted time. You can too. Want to find out more >>