Business Brilliance Mastermind Group

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Share your business brilliance with other like minded business owners at your level to achieve outstanding results in your profits and performance or just listen and learn from the best.

Together we can:

  • develop win-win partnerships
  • build relationships
  • help each other grow, raise revenue, and significantly increase profits
  • share ideas and have fun doing it
  • educate and learn from each other
  • build on what works and discuss what doesn’t
  • introduce new proven strategies
  • achieve a set of business and/or personal goals
  • become brilliant business owners/managers
  • support the community.

Apply today and join a team of business brilliant owners (20 minute survey)

What are Member prerequisites?

We want you as a member of the Business Brilliance Mastermind Group – North Lakes if you are:

  • experienced in business and would love to be involved in lifting the economy in our community
  • willing & able to implement action outcomes immediately
  • willing to partner and support other business owners
  • really committed to growing and improving your business
  • likely to make a 12 month commitment to the group
  • willing to pay for the privilege of the company of other brilliant business owners
  • willing to learn from other business owners
  • ready to see tangible, improved results every month
  • keen to identify areas of improvement in your business, including what needs to be done, and ready to make those adjustments
  • willing to share your opinions but not argue the point
  • interested in being a mentor and educating the group on areas where you have experience and expertise
  • willing to be diplomatic and thoughtful towards other members
  • thirsty for knowledge
  • willing to equally share your knowledge with members and not keep everything to yourself
  • not always serious and like to have a bit of fun
  • brilliant at what you do.

How do I join the group?

Complete our survey so we can see if you are a good fit for the group. Apply today and join a team of business brilliant owners (20 minute survey). We will be in touch with you to advise the progress of your application. Expect up to 14 days before receiving an answer, as all applications require the same consideration to ensure fluency in the group.

Should you be accepted to join the group you will be asked to review and sign off our terms and conditions and will receive an invoice to make your first payment.

How are applications assessed?

Each application will be assessed to ensure that the group contains:

  • non-competitive industries/business
  • a balance of gender (if possible)
  • mixed knowledge & expertise, but at a similar level
  • experienced business owners who would love to help the community
  • business owners that are willing & able to implement action outcomes immediately
  • business owners keen to partner with & support other business owners
  • business owners who are really committed to growing and improving their business
  • brilliant business owners with a thirst for knowledge
  • members can clearly articulate what they need

What is included in the Mastermind Group events?

Mastermind Group events will run once a month for 1/2 day in North Lakes on the 1st Friday of every month.

Membership for each group is limited to 10 to ensure everyone gets a fair go and gets value from the events. Facilitators/coordinators will be somewhat involved with group discussions, and will help keep events on task and to schedule.

What else will I receive as a member of the Business Brilliance Mastermind Group?

  • You will receive a free copy of the Rapid Growth Package. This course was created by Keith Banfield and contains dozens of self-paced modules and workbooks that you can follow through at home or on the job. Valued at over $1,500.
  • You will also receive a free copy of the Marketing Secrets System. This is a short marketing course for beginners to experienced business owners who need to understand some of the basics and more complicated areas of marketing. It is a self-paced, online course.
  • Free one-on-one member mentoring of 2 hours per week. Valued at $1,500 per month.
  • Opportunities for partner marketing with other members, special guests, and our network of business owners.

What topics will be covered at the events?

Selected topics for each event plus topics as requested by members may include (in no particular order):

  • press releases and public relations (PR)
  • market research
  • online advertising
  • cost saving strategies
  • sales booster strategies
  • email marketing
  • gaining credibility and becoming an authority
  • finding leads
  • partnering with other business (joint venturing)
  • branding
  • Facebook and Adwords advertising
  • social media management
  • tools that will save you time and money
  • putting bums on seats at your event
  • copywriting
  • customer service best practice
  • quality management
  • managing staff
  • managing performance
  • outsourcing
  • supplier management
  • business continuity, backups, information security
  • business system setup
  • latest marketing strategies
  • and anything you request.

Additional topics may be included in the group’s website for member access only and discussed in the Facebook group.  Apply today and join a team of business brilliant owners (20 minute survey). Only 10 spots available,

What is the format of the Mastermind Group event?

The format will contain a structure that is flexible enough to allow for modifications as required. Events will go for 1/2 a day (4 hours) from 8.30-12.30. Some events may cover more than one topic but topics will be directly related.

The first event will not be structured, it will be a introduction meeting of all members, overview of the expectations of the group, calendar of events and topics, contact info swap, opportunities to partner, and more.


Events will contain the following structure:

  • 0800 – 0830 –  Setup and catch up chats
  • 0830 – Review actions from previous event
  • 0900 – Special guest speaker on their expert topic followed by a 5 minute pitch of their products or services
  • 0930 – Special guest speaker will run a Q&A session (to help you get custom answers to your questions on the topic)
  • 1000 – Breakout plus opportunity for guest speaker to talk with individuals and say farewell
  • 1015 – Discussion sessions that allow everyone in the group to discuss their specific business, their needs, wants, and desires related speciically to the topic of the event. These sessions will be setup to ensure everyone gets a fair go, and gets a set of action items to follow through with until the next event
  • 12.15 Final thoughts, ideas, and closing

Attendees will receive follow up correspondence and recordings of the event. All information recorded or transcribed will be confidential. Any personal information may be edited on your request.

Group size

This mastermind group is limited to 12 members including the facilitators Michelle Pavel (that’s me) and Keith Banfield. It is a closed, private group and you must apply to be accepted.

What else should I know?

  • Members will be provided with access to the private Facebook group and a secure website that will contain privy information from each event and a range of additional content.
  • Each months topic will be discussed further by members of the group. Guests will be able to access the Facebook group and answer any posted questions
  • Events may be recorded and broken up into sessions, which will then be uploaded for members only to replay, transcripts will also be provided so you t miss anything.
  • Follow on events will cover action items and assist with making you accountable with what you should be doing that will grow or improve your business.
  • The event will include light refreshments, so we don’t fade away to nothing or you can bring your own.
  • You are welcome to invite business owners you know that may fit the criteria to apply for a membership. Please send them the link to this page

What more do I get for my investment?

Besides a brilliant business, new friends, joint venture relationships, better productivity, a happier work environment, clarity, invaluable personalised education, mentoring, and making lots of extra money… really you want more.

Where does my investment get spent?

Your investment goes towards the hiring of the venue, refreshments, organiser time, incidental costs, hire of any equipment, hire of freelancers, agreements, doco, and website costs.

Apply today and join a team of business brilliant owners (20 minute survey)

How much do I need to invest?

So know you know what you are going to get from these events, I hope you are keen to get started because we would love to hear from you. To join the mastermind group you will need to commit for 12 months to really get the most out of this group. Membership will be charged monthly and should be paid in advance each month. If you fail to pay your membership for 1 month your position as a member will be cancelled and offered to a waiting list member. Monthly payments must be received by the 1st of the month prior (pay on 1 October for November membership). That way we know you are serious about your business, serious about building relationships, serious about making money, and understand we have to pay upfront for the expenses related to the group meetings and our time to organise everything.

For less than $30 per hour for each mentor in the room, you can’t go wrong. Some of the members charge up to $397 per hour. You could take advantage of being in the group to extract the information you need from them for up to 15% of the client charging rate. How amazing is that!

Your investment is $1,500 per month. You will then receive an invoice to be paid on the 1st of the next month following the first event. A minimum commitment of 12 months is required to ensure you get the results you want for yourself and your business.

We guarantee you will get value for money and much more.

Apply today to join our group (20 minute survey) and become a brilliant business owner.

When is the first event?

The group will commence on the 1st Friday of the month following when the group membership is full or has a minimum of 6 paying members. You will be notified by email to ensure you are kept up to date and as soon as we have secured a room booking.

Can I send someone else in my place?

You are welcome to recommend a replacement member to attend on your behalf (should you not be able to attend). In which case you will need to ensure they are up-to-speed on previous discussions and know and understand your plan of action, otherwise you won’t get value for money or see the progress you expect to achieve. Your replacement will also need to completely understand your business and have the authority to accept any actions items that they deem suitable for your business.

Note: It is up to you to ensure you get value for your investment. We will do what we can to ensure that as well.  Your investment will not be refunded if there is no one to take your place.  You may cancel your membership by providing at least one month’s notice in writing to the facilitators.

We would love to consider you for our group, if you agree with all the criteria above then this group could be the most important group you have ever joined. Mention to us where you saw the advertisement and you may receive a special gift valued at $300.

Only 10 spots available. Apply today!