Local online marketing specialist

Local online marketing specialist


If you read through this site you will come across a wide range of marketing strategies that are free or cheap and are easy enough to implement. I recommend you read the All posts page also as there are a lot of business ideas and marketing strategies in that list of posts.

If however you would like a marketing expert to take over your marketing and increase your profits then I would love to help you.

If you are looking for a marketing expert in Brisbane I can offer virtual services from as little as $500 per month. This means you can sit back and relax and let me do the work, of course you will need to provide me with the information I require to get started but when it comes to your online marketing I can keep that humming along for you.

Your online local marketing strategy should include Google Places, Google Plus, free directory listings, maybe your own website, maybe adwords & facebook advertising, and maybe some social media management on sites such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtubeinstragram, linkedin, slideshare, and so on. Of course it depends on the type of business you are in which platform you may or may not need. For example: a real estate agent will need all platforms but possibly not linkedin. A plumber doesn’t need pinterest, instagram, or linkedin but may do a lot more marketing on sites like gumtree, facebook, and twitter.

How can I help you?


Part of my online local marketing strategies service includes identifying what your marketing strategy will be and what best suits your needs and your budget.

Setting up a local marketing strategy isn’t that difficult, it just takes a little time to focus on what you want to achieve in the next 6-12 months. Determining what customer’s you want to attract, what you want to spend, how fast you want to achieve your goal, and how you are going to increase sales.

So what next?

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Do you need help creating a marketing strategy for your business. Purchase one of the packages below and I will include your marketing strategy as part of your monthly plan, saving you $1,000. You will then be confident that what I am doing to help your business move forward is working towards the goals and vision you have for your business.

Monthly service may also include setup and/or management of profile pages and other marketing services you may require. This is mutually agreed to in the marketing plan blueprint we work on together.

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Select one of the options below to purchase your monthly service that includes social media management of selected profiles, save up to $833.

PS. Once payment has been processed I will send an email to the address provided by paypal to discuss the best date and time to meet via skype or in person (depending on your location).  If your paypal email address is not ideal please email michelle@fasteprofits.com.au.

Thank you

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