Linked Influence Review – How to use Linkedin for business!

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A review of Linked InfluenceLinked Influence Review - How to Use Linkedin for business

How to use linkedin for business!

Below is an honest linked influence review. This course is for businesses considering or currently using linked in as a sales and networking tool and personally, to market skills to find your dream job.

Looking for another business development strategy course, this one will compliment what you already know by teaching you how to use linkedin to your advantage.

I bought this massive business development package a couple of days ago. I thought there may be some tricks I didn’t know about LinkedIn and wanted to know if there was anything I was missing on how to use LinkedIn for business…

I am still going through all the information and the bonuses and will likely listen to some of the modules over and over to make sure I haven’t missed anything. I have already started to make tweaks on LinkedIn that are working already, so that was basically instant.

I have to say I think this LinkedIn business development online course  is wonderful; so far it is PACKED with linked-in related advice.

So this is a biased review because I think the information is fabulous. The writer of this course is Lewis Howes, you will meet him in the above video. Lewis was a young professional athlete. After an injury and surgery he was laid up and extremely bored so he started looking for something to do. He came across LinkedIn, connected with over 35,000 business owners, CEOs, Managers, and entrepreneurs and learned how to use linked in to his advantage. Find out he leverages LinkedIn and webinars to make thousands of dollars a week.

The course includes this list of topics taken from the site:

– How to get anyone to find your profile based on your targeted keywords?
– How to Optimize Your Profile for maximum exposure!
– The Secrets to Leveraging LinkedIn Recommendations!
– Integrating LinkedIn into the rest of your Social Media Strategy!
– The Power of Existing LinkedIn Groups to connect, share and build your database!
– Finding, Adding and Growing Targeted Connections!
– The Art of Creating and Building your very own MASSIVE LinkedIn Group in record time!
– Advanced Networking and Connection Strategies and much more!
– How to Connect with Investors, High-Level Decision Makers and Desired Business Partners!
– How to Land the Career Opportunity of your dreams!
– Promote and Profit from Live Events that build your brand!
– Drive floods of targeted traffic to your website or blog!
– A sneaky trick for adding engaging videos to your profile!
– How to Build Your Company Page along with featuring company videos, building up testimonials, connecting your employees, and more!
– How to Leverage LinkedIn’s ‘Question & Answer’ Feature to attract more clients effortlessly!
– Drive Targeted Traffic to your Company’s website or Blog!

Click here to watch the video, it could change the way you do business and will definitely change the way you use linkedin. Watch and learn how one guy drives a ton of automated traffic to his sites daily, has built an uber responsive email list, and created multiple 6 figure businesses over the last year…… all from spending a few minutes a day on this social network.