Digital Marketing Services

local marketing and advertising servicesIt is my dream to contribute to the growth of our local businesses. To help achieve this goal, we offer local mentoring, coaching, and consulting services on digital marketing.

Services available to help you with small business online marketing are in ‘done for you’ consulting or ‘coaching or mentoring packages’ that are customised to suit your needs.

You chose the option that suits your needs, maybe all are necessary in the first 12 months:

  • a consultant provides a detailed analysis report on your business and the actions you need to take for the next 12 months to reach your goals.
  • a staff member is trained by a consultant to compliment the 12 month plan so they can perform the tasks necessary to reach your goals. support provided by phone, email, by appointment.
  • we manage your lead generation and marketing system for you, all you need to do is liaise with us when we need information from you and to review your results.

Marketing Analysis

  • help you identify your target market and narrow in on your niche 
  • review your branding & design
  • review your social profiles for brand consistency
  • identify relevant social management accounts required 
  • review your marketing plan
  • align marketing with you business plan 
  • customer satisfaction surveys
  • staff satisfaction surveys

Online strategies available

  • social media marketing and advertising programs Clients have received up to 58x their ROI using FB competitions
  • submission to search engines, SEO, Google placement
  • management tools to connect all your social media services
  • lead generation system specific to your needs
  • coaching or mentoring for your marketing staff
  • internet marketing & advertising on multiple, suitable platforms
  • organic social content creation
  • copywriting for online and offline advertisements
  • image development for advertisements

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