Digital Marketing Case Studies – up to 58x ROI

Below are case studies from my digital marketing team for social competitions that reached up to 58x ROI $.

Some areas include beauty & hairdressing, coaching & consulting, gym and personal trainers, high ticket event sales, and more.

6 Week Body Transformation

6 Week Body Transformation – Facebook Advertisement Results
  • Ad spend = $1,975
  • 92 leads = $21.47 per lead
  • 43 purchases = $299 per customer = $12,857 total sales
  • ROI – 6.5 x ad spend

4 Day ‘Get More Clients’ Challenge

4 Day Challenge – Facebook Advertising Results
  • $4,874 AUD ad spend = $9 per lead
  • 539 leads > average 20% conversion into sale = approx. 108
  • Each lead worth $1,000+ = $108,000+
  • ROI – 22.15x ad spend

Done For You Competition

Done For You Competition – FB Advertising Spend
  • $3,423 ads spend
  • 250+ leads
  • $200,000+ sales
  • ROI – 58 x ad spend

Live Event

  • $10,951 ad spend
  • 263 leads @ $41 per lead
  • 21 sales = $105,000 sales = $5,000 per sale
  • ROI – 9.6 x ad spend

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